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KOOKU Highlights

  • Freshness woven with bamboo.

    Freshness woven with bamboo.

    Sophisticated combination of tradition and modern design. This is the essence of Tokyo Tribal - collection created by Nendo.

    Freshness woven with bamboo.

    When a company, whose name refers to the progressive design and traditional craftsmanship, to the highest quality raw materials and innovative production methods, cooperates with one of the greatest designers of the younger generation, the result may be no different, but delightful. Tokyo Tribal Collection is the result of cooperation beween Industry+, brand, specializing in the production of high-class, modern interior objects, and visionary designer Oki Sato from Tokyo design studio Nendo.

    In the Tokyo Tribal collection, there is a clear inspiration by the culture and art of tribal communities, which translated into urban modernity fit perfectly into a contemporary living space. The minimalist form of furniture, compact size and original design are the proof that in a world overloaded with stimuli, urge, full of pressure and deadlines there is a place for peace, silence and simplicity, and all of that can be found in everyday objects.

    In his works, Nendo combines the Japanese penchant for harmony and moderation with modernity, playing with the habits of users. His works are characterized by purity of form and a pinch of humor. Every object is an extraordinary story. Each piece in the collection by Sato seems to go beyond the typical definition of "furniture", contrasting with the idea of ​​the conventional concept of interior design. Taken together they create excellent, intriguing totality, precisely made of high quality materials.

    Slender frame made of solid oak and smooth tops of the volcanic ash are enchanting. However, what gives a unique and original character of the furniture is bamboo rattan, hand-woven by skilled artisans in the Philippines. This interesting finish has the power to move recipient to distant, heavenly regions, without having to leave home. To the villages, where life flows slowly and where everything is simpler. At the same time being ultra-modern element of the refined interiors, defined by unique details.

  • CHRISTOPHER BOOTS. Blacksmith of light.

    CHRISTOPHER BOOTS. Blacksmith of light.

    The fusion of nature and classical forms. Mythological symbolism and modern technology.

    CHRISTOPHER BOOTS. Blacksmith of light.

    Light. Symbol of eternity, disembodiment, intellect and intuition. Holiness, knowledge, inspiration. To encapsulate something as beautiful and fascinating as light in unusual structure, one needs for enormous talent. Christopher Boots is one of the few who have this talent. This is a true visionary artist, who with great attention to detail creates a spectacular lighting, unquestionably deserving to be called a light sculptures. Australian designer fascinated by nature and the light creates designs stunning with their perfection. His works adorn the homes and public spaces around the world.

    All his works are handmade. They delight with perfect finishing and a combination of geometric shapes with forms of organic and geological origin. Fusion of nature and classic shapes, mythological symbolism and modern technology repeating in his designs, together with unforgettable light effects, make the lighting by Christopher Boots impressive and mesmerizing.

    Christopher Boots founded his studio in Melbourne in 2011. In a short time a one-man company evolved into a team of twenty people, skilled artisans: hand-held glass blowers, blacksmiths of copper, ceramists, sculptors, or bell-founders, who with masterful precision and passion watch over the highest quality of products. The artist gladly creates items of bronze and copper, but his trademark are quartz crystals. Together with his indispensable team, he is constantly looking for new ways to expose the natural beauty of these materials. Due to the limited availability of mineral raw materials, lamps are formed in limited quantities, which makes them truly unique objects - like Diamond Ring, which is manufactured in only 11 copies per year.

    Many works by Christopher are individual, personalized projects created for specific interiors or buildings. Christopher and his team work closely with customers in order to guarantee that each project is perfectly realized and arranged in space.


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Behind each item in our selection is a unique personality, their artistic vision and craftsmanship. These are artists, visionaries going beyond utilitarian design. They are trendsetters. Get to know designers whose creations and artistry have mesmerized the design world.


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